UPDATE – impact of current lockdown

Well, it was the announcement we were all dreading but the one we were probably expecting.

With the announcement of a full national lockdown, we at Avonvale Utd will obviously be unable to play or train until the national situation improves and the government and FA guidelines change.

However, we hope that your football journey can continue through lockdown!  If it’s watching your favourite teams, checking out some of the amazing skills on display on Tiktok and Instagram, or having a kick around in the garden, let us know how you’re keeping the red and black flag flying!

As in the previous lockdown, we will be running a competition and awarding prizes to the player who scores the best goal in the garden, or who masters a tricky skill.  Just send a video clip to your coach, and we will upload them to our Facebook page.  If you need a bit of inspiration, or want to practice some new skills, there are some absolute gems in the following video:


Here’s hoping that we return to Shipton Moyne soon: fitter, faster and brimming with new skills and ideas.

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